Old Engraving Font ID request

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Hi there,

I have some old engraving fonts that i want to use, the probleem these fonts have an .CHR file extension.

I am still seeking for a way to convert them, but then i realised these fonts maybe can be recognized by you.

Can someone please help me out?

Kind regards Tunes

Lettertype E.pdf39.68 KB
Lettertype D.pdf74.2 KB
Lettertype A.pdf35.18 KB
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Lettertype E: could be wrong but to me, look like [Bad link] Ultra Light or Thin

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Did you try to convert it on Fontforge?
In Fontforge you can export single path font (if I well remember you can choose it in font info). But then you can it just in illustrator.
To use in other way, you have to create parallel path in Fontlab or other.

In Autocad, you have also this kind of single path font.
You can also find [Bad link] font on the web.

Good luck.
Let us know if you find a way export these fonts.

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Tried Fontforge. It did not see the pdf.
Illustrator can extract outlines using the lasso tool and placing in a new file. Here is _G_ from the engraver's script pdf with scale transformed 4400%

I note that this consists of straight lines.
The eps successfully pasted into Fontlab but the outline is repeated. You have to get rid of one of them before you can make a font.

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Thanks for the replies.

@ryuk Helevtica Neue looks it is it! Thanks can you name and shame the other two?

@ s.degeilh i am not sure what i can do with cambam? Fontforge won't open .chr files, so i can't convert them to ttf.

@donshottype i will post a new pdf without the outline, can you do something with that?

Thanks guys, i have got 20 more fonts, should i post them one by one or all together? I am new to this so please help me out. :-)


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