Sans Serif Logotype Identification

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First post. I'm working on a logotype project and need help identifying the attached font. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

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It looks very close to Circe (Bold) from ParaType [2011] but you need to modify the /Q's tail

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It resembles Gotham, but not quite (not wide enough, tail on Q not long enough):

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Hard to say, very neutral, nothing really specific. Identity and logo by Bedow, worth asking even if the answer could be "logo - custom - not-a-font". As alternative, I like Circe (possibly the closest, not much to do part of tweaking /Q tail), Euclid Flex, Proba

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Thank you. Yes, that was my struggle. Neutral and the Q. Thank you for the agency identification, Ryuk. You guys are awesome.

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