Best fonts to compliment a psychedelic band logo

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hey guys,
i'm designing a psychedelic logo for a band and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for which typeface will compliment for the lyric sheet?

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How readable do you want the lyrics to be?

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Racheluh, 1. It's difficult to suggest a font to go with a logo we can't see. 2. What kind of music is this? 3. Who is the target audience? 4. Té Rowan's earlier remark is applicable. Readable, edgy, stylish, psychedelic, other? 5. What is a lyric sheet, in this context? Is it one sheet of paper? Stapled big or little sheets of paper? Something on the internet? A little booklet for a CD package? Is the logo going to be close to the lyrics? 6. What do other lyric sheets use?

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So this is supposed to be psychedelic in flavor and readable at text sizes? Presumably with both an upper and lower case? If it's tiny print I have little to suggest. If you can use larger text these might work.
Victor Moscoso

Rick Griffin Contour Ground
Steiner Special

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The thing is, during the psychedelic era there was a limited range of fonts available at text size, and these were all quite legible. So, in order to create a suitably mysterious effect, designers made these really hard to read by printing them in weird shit colours—with complementary simultaneous contrast, for instance, or in different colors with similar tones, such as cyan on black.

The lyrics of Sgt. Pepper, for instance, were printed in Times Roman (IIRC) black on red, also surprinting an inset close-cropped photo of the Beatles in colorful pseudo-antique military uniforms.

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Loved that album. Here are the lyrics Nick was describing:

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So why not some of those @donshottype picked out for titles and the whole effin pack of Shinn-man's Scotches for the text?

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