Contemporary text serif from 1966 record cover

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I bought this album at a flea market yesterday and was struck by a typeface that appears near the bottom of the back cover, at around 12-ish point height. It's got some very distinctive features – classical proportions, somewhat extreme serifs on some letters (especially N), straight-leg, Trajan's-column-inspired R, unsual shapes to the G and S...

Sorry about the image quality. Phone camera tends to distort and blur non-centred macro objects.

Any clue?

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Vendome looks like a likely candidate (it was designed in 1952 by François Ganeau):

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Yup, that'd be it. Appropriate considering the album title!

PS. That's quite an unfortunate digitalization.

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Birdseeding, I hadn't looked at the full album cover before--might have saved me some search time!

At first, I wasn't sure if I had it right, but I think it's a combination of poor reproduction on the album cover itself and the tendency of font digitization to be overly pristine.

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