Alphabet EDF-GDF Adrian Frutiger 1964-67

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In 1964-6 Adrian Frutiger created Alphabet EDF-GDF for Electricite de France as transfer letters made by Esselte Letraset. Alphabet EDF-GDF was also used on corporate stationary and signage.

The images are from _Adrian Frutiger – caractères: L'œuvre complète_ Heidrun Osterer, Philipp Stamm, Fondation Suisse Caractères et Typographie Walter de Gruyter, Jan 1, 2009
AFAIK there is no publicly available digitization under the name Alphabet EDF-GDF.
I seem recall that there are some similar digital fonts, which probably give no credit to M. Frutiger, perhaps buried in a techo or sci-fi catergory.
Any suggestions?

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Some similarities also in Forgotten Futurist (Bold) by Ray Larabie [1999] and in Play (Bold) by Jonas Hecksher [2011] (part of Google Web Fonts) although the later is a bit too curvy to be considered a similar.

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Somehow the pointy A just does not seem right in Alphabet Edf-GDF, that could be on sticking point.

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Here's a regular and bold for Ray Larabie's Forgotten Futurist which seem to have many similar characteristics as your sample albeit being too tall.

as well as being too slow.

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Thanks Fivos, this is the first from Dafont.
Still have not found anything anywhere that is really close.
Some of the variations of Gagarin are a about as close as what has been found so far, notably Boris, Dmitri and Jouri but still nothing really close.

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Thanks Dick, this is about as close as we have found so far. BTW as for your "too slow" comment, I know that if anyone can find obscure versions of fonts you are right up there.

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Bob, as for the pointy _A_, I feel that if it was appropriate for Adrian Frutiger to use in a lettering design for Electricite de France -- a rather big corporation with a presumably conservative ethos -- it's probably right for the design. I note that the somewhat similar squarish sans, Bank Gothic, has a pointy _A_.
Alphabet EDF-GDF has innovations -- unless someone knows of an earlier design with them -- that include the unusual notchless transition from the vertical stroke to the top stroke on _n_, _m_ and _r_, and similar notch free treatment of other letters such as _b_, _d_, _g_, _h_, _p_, _q_, and _u_.
The search continues.

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Philatype's Olney Black and Olney Light show some similarities.

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Thanks Rob. Olney has a similar width to height ratio, and a good range of weights, plus the rounded corners on the inside curve of the strokes are close. The major difference is the notches on the outside curve. Plus some letters follow a different model.


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