Serif font ID help please (GQ magazine cover font)

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Hi there,

This is my first font ID request, really hoping some of you out there are able to help.

I've found a classic-looking serif font, on the cover of an issue of GQ magazine. It's characterised by very circular serifs and shapely punctuation.

Profuse apologies to more experienced typophiles, I'm relatively new to describing fonts characteristics.

Any help given will be hugely appreciated. Many thanks!

Prumo Text
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Looks like Prumo Text Black. GQ Italy uses it monthly on their magazine covers and year-round on their website.

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Quite similar, thank you!

The < isn't quite right, but very appreciative of the help @ralphsmouse.

Thank you!

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Clearly unable to spell in Italian. Apologies!

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It's because that's not a <, but rather a «.

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Definitely guillemets Birdseeding.

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You're absolutely right- thank you to both of you @Birdseeding and @ralphsmouse

Like I said, I'm quite new to the specifics of fonts, so am extremely appreciative of your help.

Guillemets is a new word to me- very happy to learn if you experts will put up with me!

Thank you again.

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Agh apologies, it wouldn't let me credit you both in the answers- but thank you again both.

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