Troubles importing from illustrator - weird shapes

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I have a trouble when I upload my glyph from illustrator to Font Lab. The font is quiet complicated, it's supposed to have a kind of texture. It's all traced and all shapes are supposed to be closed (I used the pathfinder). But when I copy/paste the font, it gives me the result as in the picture attached...
Would any one have an idea of what could be wrong and how could I repare it?

I'm struggling since 3 days. Getting Crazy! Pleaaase.

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Photo not showing up -

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Here's a link:

It seems like there is too much points and that FL don't support it...

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While I agree with Bob that it likely has too many points, you can prove that by downloading a Demo copy of Glyphs ( and try pasting the same art into that editor. If something similar occurs, then your art has a problem.

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George is correct you need to test art for complexity. Another way to test would be to import a simpler shape and see if you get all the kinked paths etc again.

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