Falling into the free font trap

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This probably has a very easy answer but I don't have a solution and would love one. I always fall into the trap of unpaid fonts for clients, as I need to present the font within my designed styleframe and I can't option this with paid fonts. Sometimes I've used the character generator, taken a screen grab, pulled a luma key... but it's clunky and doesn't look great and not always workable. I'd love to offer paid fonts to clients but I can't afford to pay for a bunch at risk of them not being accepted... Surely other designers face this problem, or am I missing an easy workaround??

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Hello, you can download the fontshop plugin for photoshop


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I haven't tried it, but SkyFonts seems to address your need:

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> pulled a luma key

Is this for video?

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thankyou!! yes it's for video. ideally the fontshop plugin would work in after effects but I can use photoshop as a clunky workaround.

didn't know about typekit either, their lists look good.

are there any other font bundles like this around?

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