Script style font from my wedding invitation

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I need a font very similar to this but which may be included with previous versions of Windows. It's like Viner HTC, but that is only included with Windows 8 and 8.1...

Thank you

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It's not like Viner Hand - it is Viner Hand ITC. It was bundled with these MS products.

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Thanks, Mike. That's what I thought. Is there another font that's similat that was included with previous versions of Office, please?

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Do you mean you are looking for a font like Viner Hand but not Viner Hand?

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I guess so, yes. Sorry, does that mean I have to post in one of the other forums? Which would be most appropriate?

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You might try looking at things in the Calligraphy section of Dafont:
Go to -

Or for more choices:

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Thank you Bob

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