Serifed R with vertical leg

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I am looking for Serif fonts where the R has vertical leg. The serif can be slab or Clarendon style like OL Contact Classic

or Superba RR Bold
or Map Type
but without the small curve on the inside of the leg of Aachen Bold

I was only able to find three examples. Perhaps there are no more?

OLContactClassic_R.gif1.71 KB
SuperbaRRBoldHaas1928-30_R.gif1.59 KB
MapType_R.gif2.49 KB


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My interest was prompted by the lettering for GOOD MORNING VIETNAM discussed in Includes discussion of Map Type.

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1. Found these names using the first sample (bold). They have slab-style serif and vertical segment on leg. Hope they come close.

Appligraph Ltd/AG-Schadow_P Heavy
(SoftMaker Software-B&P Graphics)/Colonel
Dinc Type-Diane DiPiazza-girlswhowearglasses/Heathen
Font Bureau, Ann Pomeroy/Luxor
Ortiz-Lopez, Dennis/OLContactClassicBoldCond
(Becker, URW, E&F, Sol Hess)/Stymie

2. Second sample: black (there're some "derived" ones here too)

SIL Open font/AlfaSlabOne-Regular
Casady & Greene/CollegiateBlack
CompuWorks/Country Western Bold
Double Alex/ColiseumUltraBlackC
The Font Company/CMemphis
(Monotype MT-Wasco, Jim)/Gatorade-Black
Southern Software/MayportBlackSSi
Future Corporation/Stratus Ext Bold Regular
Red Rooster/SuperbaBold
URW-EF/Stymie Black
URW/Technotyp Extra Bold

3. Regular/Thin sample. Didn't find any ... I quit!


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Georg Trump created a different R leg style for all three weights of City - and City Medium seems to match your criteria.

Some variants of Karnak. Some weights and versions of Stymie and the related Kenotaph (Stymie Obelisk).

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Thanks Dick & Mike. I will check these. Good grist for the mill.

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I just stumbled across Luxor Rev this morning. From what I gather, it had a past as a wood type. Terry Koppel, a past Art Director at Esquire, had Ann Pomery digitize it and Koppel currently has it up for purchase on his site.

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a_CityNova from Arsenal
AG-City from Berthold
Center City from SWFTE
City D(DEE) from URW

Can be added to the Georg Trump list.

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Thanks all! The 90 degree corner at the inside of the leg is not as rare as I thought. I can see I have some cataloguing to do.

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