problem with latin characters in my Arabic font

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The Latin characters and numbers are looks like in the pic in the attachment! any knows why? it's default Latin characters in my arabic font, but why it's typing in this crazy way? any help?

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It looks like the glyphs have the wrong widths. They seem to have very small width that causes the letters to overlap each other.

Check the right side bearing on each letter and make sure it is at least zero, not a negative value.

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It's default Latin characters, I haven't designed them.

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You still need to check the right side bearing in each letter and adjust it to a positive value.

Please note that copyright restrictions usually prevent you from using someone else's glyphs in your font.

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If I adjust it, it will not be default glyphs. It's doing to be active glyph and need a design.
I have not using someone else designs. which one do you mean?

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