Renovatio Deco—80% off—limited time offer

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Renovatio Deco is an eclectic "art deco" font style—characterized by bold geometric shapes with lavish ornamentals added for interest.

Available at 80% off—Limited time offer.


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I'm rather liking that font indeed!
I feel the poster lets you down a little, if I find myself a few pennies better off, I'll buy myself a copy!

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Send me an email @
I'll send you a free font if in return you design a cool poster for me using my font ;-)

Alex Kaczun

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I agree the poster doesn't look great. A solid colored background would do the typeface more justice than this yellow paper background. I would avoid using outer glow as well.

The typeface itself however is very clever. I especially like b/e/h/q, where the stroke causes an indent in the stem where it wants to connect.

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And why not include 2 "half" fonts which you can use on top of each other to have one half of the font in a different color, like the black/white letters in your promo pictures?

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Thank you for the comments, Martin. I like your suggestion of making 2-half fonts, as alternate variations, to get the 2-color look I created using Illustrator in my poster. Actually, that did occur to me as I was working on the promotional poster. Not sure how many customers for that kind of font(s), although something to consider down-the-road, perhaps. My thinking is that graphic artists would prefer to experiment and create these type of variations themselves, on the fly, as I did. But, maybe you are right! I think I'll give it a try. Thanks again.

On another note, I wonder if a type design concept like this would be desirable for a true italic version as well? How about other weights, small caps or old style figures, etc.—as well as, other “feature” sets? I guess I could keep experimenting, with other variations, if this font becomes successful.

Any other ideas or suggestions appreciated. Thanks, again!

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