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The attached samples are intertitles from the 1913 silent film WHEN THE EARTH TREMBLED. We are currently restoring this film and in the process will need to re-create a number of the original titles which are no longer present in the existing copies of the film. Of course it would be wonderful to find a perfect match for this font, but even a very close approximation would be extremely helpful.

Many thanks!

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I think an artificially slanted Copperplate Gothic by Frederic W. Goudy [1901] could be a good approximation

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Could also try Newtext
Although it's still lacking in some of the character of your original sample

maybe ITC Symbol:

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I recommend Cushing Two, a recreation of a type by that name from circa 1900.
The intertitle lettering artist seems to have been influenced by the typeface. In any case the character of the letterforms, which look almost handlettered and are almost monotone with small serifs, is a good match.
You can use it as is, but if possible the width should be expanded to perhaps 120% and a common ampersand substituted for the one in Cushing Two.


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