Mystery font..?

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I hope someone here can help me -

What is the font in the enclosed file attachment?

Thanks a lot for any help - it's very much appreciated!

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Vafle Condensed isn't an exact match but it's a nice start.

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Thank you for your suggestion!

Yes, Vafle Condensed is somewhat similiar -

though the letters are generally wider than in the attached file.

In the attached file, the "b" and "o" are more narrow and less rounded/more square.

Any other suggestions for a font that matches the enclosed file..?

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I found out that the font in question is called Margaret Seaworthy Gothic. It was drawn when Lawrence Weiner didn't want to use an off-the-shelf typeface for his "sculptures" (as he calls them). Other similar typefaces are Refrigerator Deluxe and Mandatory.

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Fantastic, ralphsmouse - you've solved the mystery!

Thanks so much for your kind help, and for taking the time to suggest similar typefaces.

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