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Greetings! Trying to figure something out and google isn't coming up with any quick answers - then again, I might not be using the right terminology to search...

I'm trying to figure out how to do something with long lists of names in donor / annual reports. Say one of the list entries is very long and is going to take up several lines. How do I make all the lines after first line of that entry tab over a certain amount?

My apologies - the explanation is probably lacking. Any help would be greatly appreciated and obviously be a huge time saver. Thanks!

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Using what software? That is quite relevant ...

By the way, the term you are looking for is "hanging indent". Some software systems, such as Adobe InDesign and CSS (for HTML formatting) fake it by specifying a left indent on a full paragraph, and set the "first line" indent to the same distance, but negated.'s picture

Thanks, Theunis de Jong! I'm using InDesign Cs6.

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Anne, the technique is fairy simple, using the Type > Tabs dialogue in InDesign.

Here's a visual aid, using InDesign 6.0 and an actual annual report listing:

Simply move the left margin guide in the Tabs window over as far as you want the indent, then pull just the top of the split arrow back all the way to the left--this makes the first line flush with the left margin and any overflow indented to the point you chose. Add a tab at the indent point if you like (though it isn't necessary, it can be an aid if you decide to manually indent lines).

If you haven't already created a style for your listing, you can set the tab as described above and then create a new style that incorporates it. If the style is already established, edit the style and add the tab setting to it:

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I would use indent, more than tabs. Example:
Paragraph left margin = 0.5 cm
First line = -0.5 cm

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With InDesign there are often several ways to do something.

I usually use indents. (I use picas, but obviously you could use whatever measurement system you prefer.)

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Gentleman, using the split margin tool in tabs is merely a more visual way to set the left and first line indents, and has the added bonus of showing the results in real time.

For Photoshop users, the Indents and Spacing dialogue may be more familiar and natural. For an old analog guy such as myself, I prefer the tab dialogue. To each his own.

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> showing the results in real time

I know what you mean, you can see it visually on the Tabs bar, but you can also see results immediately in the actual text using indents (if you click the Preview checkbox in Paragraph Styles).

> For Photoshop users, the Indents and Spacing
> dialogue may be more familiar

Yes I agree. I typically use it in Photoshop if I need bullets hanging left of the text margin.

> To each his own

Exactly. Either way works, use the method you prefer.

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