Proxima Nova+Akzidenz G.

Jean Louis's picture has been using this combination for a while: Proxima for headlines, Akzidenz for text. What do you think of this combination? Also , why do they switch to Arial+Helvetica in the company menu? If you're paying for webfonts, which make Bloomberg stand out against more traditional competitors, why not use them.

grubstreet's picture

I always have a disaffection for Proxima Nova's lowercase a. But overall it's acceptable: Proxima's vivid character comparing with the tastelessness of Akzidenz Grotesk.

Jean Louis's picture

I'm also not a fan of that lowercase "a". I think Akzidenz (ex) works well here , not so much on Bloomberg.

Nick Shinn's picture

I can’t read that Bloomberg page with all the titlecase.
Must be targeting Americans.

Jean Louis's picture

Thank you for pointing that out, Nick, it's my mistake. I meant Akzidenz (ex) looks better on Fasano's website, than Bloomberg's.

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