Fonts with good polytonic Greek

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I'm typesetting a text for a friend: a translation of a Latin text which has quite a few large notes in Classical Greek. I'm thinking about buying Garamond Premier Pro (which I've used before and really like), but first I wanted to see if someone here has other suggestions of nice serif fonts with a good polytonic Greek character set.

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A similar question got valuable answers just a few months ago:

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Because you mentioned Classical Greek text, does the font has to be like SCHOLAR? I like its English version and Russian, but Greek is too different from them. Did you thought about something more "light", where the variation in the width of the stroke would be less? I wouldn't choose Gentium for your purposes. And while GFS Elpis and Minion are also good fonts, I would leave them at the end of list, always considering the Classical Greek text.
I've tried Warnock Pro and Sirba, which are quite good for typesetting in Greek language, but I'm not sure if they support polytonic...

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Tatiana, haven’t you forgotten one?

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Andreas, I didn't want to repeat the same list, since a lot of good fonts are enumerated already in :)

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