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I noticed that the web site for the lovely font Bonesana,

is seriously flawed. Although the page is too large vertically to fit in my browser, and my screen is reasonably large, the page only allows itself to be scrolled horizontally. (I was viewing it with Firefox, should that make a difference.)

What is it with these web designers? A beautiful web page reflects well, but one that does not even work in the simplest ways undermines one's ability to be taken seriously. And, of course, this was a consequence of using the most advanced web technologies to give control over the appearance of the site.

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I don’t see any problem on the website even if i am on a small screen (13 " laptop) with Safari or Firefox. The page scroll horizontally by design since the content is displayed horizontally. But the better way is to tell your comment directly on the website contact form and they could answer and help you if you have a problem.

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Speaking as someone who designs websites, some designers tend to ignore a basic tenet of good design, which is that form should follow function. In other words, cleverness tends to take precedence over what the website is actually meant to achieve.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the concept of horizontally scrolling websites, but like the website in question, they tend to annoy some visitors, and their novelty runs the risk of being more noticeable than the content of the site itself.

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It would make more sense if there was a logical reason for horizontal scrolling, such as displaying panoramic pictures that are extremely wide, or some other good reason.

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How do you all feel about diagonally scrolling?

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My problem wasn't with the design choice of presenting information by horizontal scrolling.

Rather, it was with the technical issue that although there was some very wide information there that needed horizontal scrolling to access, it was also true that the page was still, in addition, somewhat too tall to allow me to see everything in my browser vertically, and yet no vertical scroll bar was available to remedy this, even though the browser would normally automatically provide one - because the technology they used to display the page with a horizontally-scrolling element suppressed that natural response of my browser.

Just before the text "Bonesana is a very sober transitional typeface in the style of Baskerville...", the heading, "Bonesana" is cut off, and I cannot move upwards to see the top of it.

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