Chunky font?

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What's the green font? It's at Subway.



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Although some of the repeating letters look close I think it is hand done - but skillfully.

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That's what I thought too, but when I looked closer there was too much repetition (obscured by rotation/scaling).


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Since it’s for an one-off promotion, it could well be a collection of just those letters made with a vector program.
Anyway, if someone would like to zoom in for a closer look:

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Meet Me in Brooklyn is strangely close (maybe someone rounded it over for this use?):

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Not a close one, but the letter shapes look appropriate for an easy editing: Pusab free font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa [designer at flat-it, Dharma Type, etc]

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As an experiment I rounded Meet Me in Brooklyn while trying to respect the general average of the outlines

Some letters, like _O_ ended up being close to _AVOCADO ON_, while others while having a similar thick and thin character, were different in emphasis.
In my opinion _AVOCADO ON_ was hand lettered using a casual thick and thin technique and the similarities are due to convergent evolution on similar shapes that the lettering artist of this sign and the fontmaker of Meet Me in Brooklyn considered effective in catching a casual unstructured and spontaneous mood.
A rounded version of Meet Me in Brooklyn would be very suitable as a source for making a full alphabet in the general style of _AVOCADO ON_.
This type of font works well when the letters are angled slightly. A good trick is to angle the letters one way for the upper case and in the opposite direction for the lower case.
Generate a couple of extra fonts with the letters at different sizes and a some variation in detail. For output, mix the fonts and cases, and you are about as close to informal lettering as you can get within the limits of digital font making.

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Interesting stuff, guys.
It seems most probable that a setting of "Meet Me in Brooklyn" was somehow processed (maybe an auto-trace of the MyFonts rendering) to arrive at each glyph.


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