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Tasmin Bold
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Original name should be Tasmin Bold. It should appear on Dan X Solo 1979 collection "Sans Serif Display Alphabets" (p. 96).
I know there's a freebie floating around but can't say about its legitimacy. Note it also carries the other /S (not the one of your sample).

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Issued as Tango WSI by Weatherly Systems, Inc. in 1993 - they copied a number of fonts from a number of sources - do not know how they got this one.

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There is also Tasmin by David Crosby. I don't know who copied whom.
Previous discussion

I have no info on the origin of the pre-digital font, other than that Dan X. Solo gave the name of Tasmin to this design, which he may have purchased as metal type.

This Art Nouveau design is a variation on Quaint by the Dickinson Type Foundry of Boston. Aka Desdemona by Karl Brendler & Söhne of Vienna.
Desdemona Both are circa 1900. I don't know which came first. Several good digital versions.

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