Hangar identification

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I think it might be close to Lexikos, originally by Letraset now ITC

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I think that's it, many thanks!

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Can you tell us how big these letters are, where they are located, and if possible, how long ago they were done?

If this sample is on an airplane hangar, I doubt it's a font, in the sense of belonging to a set of letters you can install on your computer and use in a design/layout program. Lettering on buildings is often painted by hand, either because the letters are too big to render any other way, or because they're on a surface that's only accessible to a human on a scaffold. When letters are painted this way, the painter often uses improvised or simplified letterforms rather than precisely rendered copies of a commercially-available alphabet.

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You will note Victor I said Lexikos is close as a font but I believe you are correct about the original being hand lettered and thus not a font. Many sign painters produced paper templates of the letter forms that they used as guides through pouncing.

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Hello again, I'm not sure about exact dimensions (I'm working on a simulation software, not on the actual aerodrome) but I'd say the square is about 1,70m high by 0,80m wide. Have a look

Also you can see H3 on this one

Lexikos seems close enough to me, the 4 is certainly wider on the photos, and the 3 terminates in a different way, but I can live with this approximation.

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