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Which font is this?

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Can't find a perfect match (type+roughened effect) but as it has been designed Mads 'Mabu' Burcharth, I'm afraid it'd be custom or at least, enough customized not to be identifiable.
Some ready-to-go alternatives: Pewter, Mader Regular (probably my favourite), Nuinia (works fine as well), Thunderhouse
My idea would probably to consider a headline compressed gothic and post-roughened it: OL Headline Gothic, K-Type Poster Sans Extreme, Champion Gothic Batamweight/Knockout No.46 Flyweight

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Or maybe Steelfish from Typodermic Stretched. Compacta could be altered easily to do this also.

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I assume you can roughen the font so I will offer fonts that where the contour of the diagonal on _S_ is a close match to BISON and the width to height ratio is very close. I see very few real candidates:
The closest is OL Headline Gothic Triple Cond by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez

For an almost exact match thicken by using a parallel line stroke.
The also rans are Rama Gothic Cond Bold by Ryoichi Tsunekawa

and his Rama Gothic Cond Heavy

For a good match blend Rama Gothic Cond Bold and Cond Heavy to make an intermediate weight and compress the width to perhaps 80% and

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Here is the result of the blending and compression exercise for Rama Gothic Cond Bold and Cond Heavy

Slightly closer to BISON than OL Headline Gothic Triple Cond
And here is the result of a simple 80 percent compression of Rama Gothic Cond Heavy
Pretty much the right weight but the counters are a little too closed.
Tinkering with permutations could produce a match where the differences a not noticeable.

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