plz help france font, what is font?

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what is france font???


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It's so familar, but I just can't come up with a name (and the sample is too low res to produce any good hits on Whatfontis or Whatthefont).

Thought it might be by Jean Francois Porchez (Typofondrie), but haven't found a match yet.

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I Can send new other pictures of this font yet
if u want?

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Anything larger and less blurry would be helpful...

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Sharper and higher res would be good - like Kevin said this looks like something we should get easily.

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This type of letter is called a semi or demi-serif. Searches at Myfonts using these terms produced similar fonts but no match.
Semi-serif fonts are easily made by playing the game of "snip the serif" with existing fonts. Fashionable 10 to 20 years ago.
BTW, the zero is unique.
As Kevin says, perhaps something by Jean Francois Porchez.
Background looks like a cheque or bond. Bespoke font for a financial institution? Was there a corporate name with the sample you posted?

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