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I've been working on a logo for a charity event I am organising, Building Letters.

The idea is to raise the cash to build two orphanages in Africa by selling 1000 exclusive font CD's with designs by people like Neville Brody and Max Kisman.

I want the logo to be good enough to stand next to these great designers,so...advice please

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did u try all one font weight but making the two l's red? just a quick thought. i like it so far. eject!

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I like the concept. I think it would be much improved if you just made the 'l's regular weight. The suggestion of walls would still be there without disrupting the flow of reading. I would try a different font as well.

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I would consider both of the commentaries from Loren and Mike. Perhaps, rather than changing the color or weight of the "L's" you can just make sure that they are in the same style as the roof and foundation ("rough" in your existing design). I apologize for not having the time to do even a quick search for you right now, but you might be able to find a font for the whole "building letters" title that would match (i.e. same style) the roof and foundation well. Good luck...I'm anxious to see what you come up with. You have a good foundation (no punn intended) to start from.


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I've taken all your advice, mixed it round a bit and progressed to this... what do you think?

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That is much better than the first one.

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i agree. it is a vast improvement. but can the bottom line be moved up a little tiny bit? or move the roof line up a little tiny bit. the spacing between the red l's and the bottom and top red lines is a little off to me; uneven. but i think it's great overall. good work.

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Ahhh, yes! You've definitely taken this to the next level. It may still need a little refinement (i.e. Loren's comments), but you're heading in the right direction.

An interesting observation is that the "t's" have a slant resembling a roof top. I'm not sure if this is good (perhaps another direction can be explored) or bad (it may be noticable to others and distracting). I don't know

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