Sort of like Avant Garde, yet definitely not...

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Hello! Anybody know this one? It's got obvious similarities to Avant Garde, but the R is connected to the vertical stem, and the u and M are clearly different.

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Almost identical to Futura, save for the j....

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Confirming Kevin's guess of Futura with a custom /j. Baseline is also definitely set in Futura and to be precise should be either Futura from Linotype, Adobe or URW++ (no Bitstream/Tilde). Type has also been slightly vertically compressed.
The rest of their identity uses Brandon Grotesque (same kinf of /j as logotype but rounded, borrowed from it?), Times and Open Sans.

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The rest of the identity is Beau. She wants to change it to the Logo face. And I can't believe I didn't figure Futura myself. What a rookie mistake. Wow, I must really be losing it. Thank you!!! :)

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daveward, I've seen Neutraface on this site so many times that I should recognize it on sight, but I still think it's something new every time. We all have our blind spots. Good luck with your rebrand.

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