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Dear friends,

What, if any, digitization of this late-19th Century Didot has the same sort of winged or eared--pardon my terminology ignorance--lowercase v? Linotype and Hoefler don't match (the former has a sharp, chiseled lowercase v, while the latter has a different sort of lowercase g). Optimo's Didot, while lovely, also doesn't quite match. Note that the attached images is of a proof, circa 1898, from Imprimerie Didot.

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Thanks, kthomps5. I feel like the DietDidot bold italic might work--but I'm worried those very thin strokes are going to be as faint as the Linotype Didot in offset printing.

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My thought, too. Sadly, no one seems to have done a faithful digitization of your sample font.

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I'm much obliged, in any case. I'm going to buy the DietDidot and give it a whirl.

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An update: I just bought Diet Didot bold and bold italic, and the thin strokes are far too fine (perhaps even a hair finer than the Frutiger Didot) for safe use in an offset book. I'll keep researching . . .

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