typeface for Miles Reid bluenote cover

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Hi there,

Long story short, i would like to know if there is a perfect match for the chunky sans serif used on this cover

first I thought about a Berthold BE bold extended, but the lowercase is clearly different

then I thought about Aurora grotesk and went with Annonce by Canada type, an almost perfect match ... apart from the lowercase "r" whose ear is way longer.


Is there any other viable option apart from choping off the ear (ouch) of Annonce "r"?

many many thanks,



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Vonness or Venus (Extended version by Scangraphic) might work (or match actually if only Venus Extended Extra Bold was digitized).
A list of similars to Annonce now: Doublewide, Azidenz Grotesk Extended Bold, Titling Gothic Extended/Wide Bold, Zeppelin 43/51 Bold, Reservation Wide, Presicav

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thanks @ryuk , Venus was an excellent match

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