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LuxSans Bold by Lux Typographics [2003]

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Look again at the JPEG file please?

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Look again at the jpg file. Thanks!

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Domingle, Fivos accurately identified your typeface. The polite thing to do is to say "Thank You" and move on:

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I can suspect what the problem is (it happened before).
The image attachment is named "image_171.jpg".
There is something strange in Typophile server with "image_XXX.jpg" attachments (probably the server re-uses the filename) and it can appear as one image to one user and a different image to another (probably an older one, from another thread, or just taken from the user browser's cache).

To cut a long story short, Kevin we both viewed the same (wrong) image but the actual image uploaded by Mary Lynn is different.

Mary Lynn could you please upload your image again, but first change the local image filename in your PC to something totally different, e.g. "lynn-01.jpg" ?

PS: This is the (wrong) image both Kevin and I viewed:

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Fivos, when I clicked on your attribution link, my initial reaction was "he got this wrong"--you had to scroll down to the tester and set it to Lux Sans Bold and type in GRADUATE before you saw anything that vaguely resembled the posted sample.

If it was the wrong sample to begin with, then I owe Domingle an apology. But if she jumped to the same conclusion I did without exploring it further....

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I second Kevin's comment. I would also note that there are very few chances that the posted image would be replaced with one containing the exact title of the thread...

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Good point Riccardo, the title wouldn't be the same ;)

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