A Garamond clone? or ...? the 'T' looks like Caslon, but "C" like Granjon - its been driving me nuts, help!

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Bespoke Build
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Rongel comes close:

So does Arbesco

Galliard was my first thought (which is based on Granjon), but I don't see much (if any) upward serif on the top of the T on your sample.


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Sharing more information would make the search easier. That could be bespoke, exclusive for some newspaper...

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thank you for the swift reply - I suspect its a modified version of Galliard.

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To echo Ryuk, anyone reading this who wants a font ID please try and give some context as to the where and when of the sample.

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Sure, I have added some more examples in attachment.

Its the typelogo of a very small run "article" magazine, I believe they've only done 3 issues. You can only find their magazines in certain shops.

The mysterious typeface is used throughout their magazine, so I now find it hard to imagine that each title is customised from Galliard.

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I'm gonna post this anyway... and tell me where it's wrong...

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Linotype Sabon Next. Oh...

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Sabon is nice, but its T and the R don't match the samples, and the two fonts I suggested don't appear to have a swash Q.

If it's a British publication, I'm guessing it's a UK foundry typeface; checking now....

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Yes you're right, its a UK magazine I believe, thanks for helping!

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Close (or not), but no cigar:
Nikis Light, Eisner+Flake’s version of Kis by Hungarian Punchcutter Miklós Kis

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A few more that are almost there,
DTL VandenKeere by Frank Blokland (1994)

Van Dijck by Robin Nicholas (1935)

Custodia by Fred Smeijers

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Glyphmon, I can't seem to find a match.

Given that the magazine is a biannual and appears to be rather exclusive, I suspect it was a commissioned typeface.

EDIT: Mystery solved--it's a bespoke typeface by Colophon Foundry (from the online portfolio of Rosy Tsai, art director for ARTICLE):

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oh, fantastic find! Well done, sorry for the late reply was away at work! thank you everyone for the help!

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