1950's Logotype

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Any help with this would be greatly appreciated - I'm pretty sure it dates back to circa 1950 is thats of any use.

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It's quite possible that this was hand-lettered, given the era.

The lowercase letters closely resemble Optima:

Haven't found a good match to the A and E, but they are very art deco with the rounded top A and the low crossbars.

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Fonts that have really thick strokes added are really hard to identify - I do not think it was hand lettered and I feel it is newer than the 50s - more like phototype in the late 60s or 70s.

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Bob, I salted down the image to the base lettering, and got no hits on Whatfontis or Whatthefont, even when isolating just the lowercase or the uppercase. The capital letters and the lowercase r, a, and t are distinctive, but no luck identifying it.

Given that the company was founding right after WWII (1946) and that the logo mixes a few type styles, I thought it might be hand-drawn, based on several lettering sources.

And I'd like to strike my previous Art Deco designation: Bauhaus would be more accurate, given the mix of the rounded A and a cleaner sans body text. Apspencer, if you want to update the look, just search for Bauhaus sans on Myfonts.com--you'll get some nice modern takes on the look.

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Thanks all for your input - I'll look into the Bauhaus option.

Appreciate all your efforts.

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