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Yet another first time font designer, so be nice OK? I

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looks nice, due to some details I recognize on the first view... The Uppercase C looks unbalanced compared to the rest of the alphabet. Try to increase the scale of the vertical axis a bit, and maybe also decrease the horizontal width a little bit. It's hard to tell... it could also be the antialiasing of the gif?
The uppercase "S" are a bit low compared to the T. Increase the height a few steps.
The "A" feels a bit too condensed.
The "G" are nice!

The lowercases looks charmy, but you could try a few alternatives on "a" "j" and maybe "f"? I think those letters are the main language of your font, but I think you can do better... Compare the x-height on your "f" with your ligatures...

Nice work.


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i like the "A". and why different heights of the dots over the i and j? i dont see the need. i like the lowercase "a" a lot. good goin.

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Maybe I'm wrong but the 'a' looks like its slightly above the baseline next to some letters like 'r' and 'm'. Roundness needs to go below the baseline a little to compensate.

What letter did you draw first?

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Thanks for the feedback.
In my eagerness to post my typeface I failed completely making the gif; of course the "i" and "j" dots should align as well as the "f". Sorry bout that.

I've made some changes to the "C", "S" and extended the "A" a little bit. I've also done a draft of an italic.

Mike: lowercase "a" was the first letter I drew.


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Hi Johan,

I like it a lot. It's a friendly open type that, for me, is a good mix of the Helvetica, Din and Interstate.
Perhaps the UC 'W' could be a little more open. For my feelings it needs a little bit more white space inside. It works in the italic lc weight though.
I agree with Andreas on the UC 'C'. But keep the first lc 'a', it's right for the type. The alternate 'a' has been done enough allready.

I like the italics. Nice work on the little serif of the lc 'r'. Moving it diagonally is perfect.

The type all together feels very Scandinavian. Perhaps find a name that comes from up there.
Waiting to see more.


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Thanks R

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Oh, I like them. Although they are a little bit different from the regulars (because you gave them a sort of serifs), they work great.

Some things you might want to look for:
- change the lc 'q' a little in relation to the lc 'p'. Try to give it a little more character.
- the lc 'a' seems to be to round in the upper left corner of the bowl. Optically it needs there the little 'serif' like on the lc 'm' and 'n'. If you take that away you might want to change the bowl a little to compensate.
- the angle of the lc 'o' is off balance with the rest of the type. Perhaps it is the jpg rasterization, but it seems to roll to much to the right.

My favorite: the lc 'z'. Sweet.

With the regulars it seems the lc 'a' is a little bit to round compared to, for instance, the lc 'e'. Can that be? It seems to be more a 'wide' than a 'regular'.
Did you optically correct the crossing of the 'x'? It feels a little out of balance.

I really like this type, personally. Congratulations on the name. Very nice.

Some of my remarks may be the result of the jpg rasterization on screen. In your document it might be OK.


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If you look for this thread you understand why I like your typeface so much

Are you working on the numerals already? In your first enty I see a '3'. Where's the rest?


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Hi Ren

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I have resumed the work on my monoline font Fjell and could really use some comments before I go on with the italics. I

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The top of the "a" seems to reach a bit farther to the left than it should.

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Hi Johan,

You really are still working on it. Nice update. I have some small suggestions for you:

- spacing is too tight. I think you can give it some 20 em on both sides extra. Maybe more.
- I agree with Kevin on the lc a. Make it just a bit shorter.
- Have a look for the center of the UC's, they are not constant. Have a look at the middle bar of the A and the E. Try to find a hight that works for all the characters and be consequent. Take either the H or the R.
- Personally I think the bowl of the lc a is a bit big compared to the lc e. But note that that's personal.
- Perhaps you should make the leg of the lc l a bit longer?
- Have a serious look at the lc r. This is a tip Randy Jones gave me on my r:
- You need to work a bit on your numbers, they are a bit out of balance. Some seem to wide (2, 3) others to high (8).

Other than that, I still like it.


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