Something from the 20s or 30s?

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Anyone have an idea of what this is and know of something similar?

Thanks a lot.

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Are you saying it's known that the sample dates from the 20's or 30's ... or just that it looks that way to you?

The closest that comes to mind is Florentine Bold (predigitally). Today's digital, commercial version of Florentine does not include the bold. Opti offered the bold, but they are long out of business - and were of shady reputation anyway.

Oddly enough, the Solotype Catalog's brief showing of Florentine Bold (probably phototype) includes an 'A' much like yours - something I've not seen in any other showing of the typeface.

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Tapered strokes like this were found in some 1920s lettering designs. The most famous is the poster lettering for Fritz Lang's Metropolis

I have not found any matches for your lettering. I was able to find a serif font with tapered strokes, but it has a whimsical and informal flavor rather than the formal thick and thin structure of _ACAPULCO_. Here is Phil Bracco's Spidertoes

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Thanks everyone! I didn't have an exact date. I was guessing based on the piece of collateral I cut it from which was sort of deco. Looks like an exact match is tough and it is an obscure cut. Florentine is the closest yet.

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