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I am trying to do a repaint of different Qatar Airways' Boeing aircraft and each of these has got its own name. Being from Europe I am having a hard time getting those names written.

Can anyone help me getting the following name 'Alhuwalla' done properly, preferably as an AI vector file or something similiar? Does someone recognize the font or has a font which looks pretty similiar?

Here's an example image of what I am talking about:

If possible I'd like to ask for further names to be done.

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,

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There are many people on Typophile who can help you, and somebody might offer to do it for free. I myself do believe in giving out ideas freely, but when it comes to producing something tangible I don't agree with freebies for peers (only for disadvantaged people). So if you end up having to have a budget: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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I am offering those repaints for free so I don't have a budget for it. On the other hand that means I am creating something 'tangible' - not the best term you choose there - and I am not charging for it either.

I was simply asking for a word written in a language I don't speak. If somebody would ask me to type the words 'Hello world' in Illustrator with Arial and create a file I wouldn't even start thinking about charging money for it.

To sum it up, I don't share your attitude and the question about contacting you is solved!

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This isn't comparable to setting "Hello world" in Arial, on a number of levels.

It's not just about making a few dollars; I feel we each have a responsibility to others to maintain value in our respective fields.

I'm curious, what's your rationale for doing this work for free? Qatar Airways needs the money?


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These repaints are for a flight simulator add on and are normally offered for free to the community which is quite large. I bet most graphic artist would charge money for such work, quite a few people don't including me.

I am not creating these repaints for Qatar Airways or any other airline. Nor am I affiliated with them. I am working on these in my free time and my real profession is a complete different one.

I am trying to get as much detail into those repaints and would love to get those names right, I thought at least somebody could draw or set those letters who is more into the symbology than I am. It does't even need to be the exact same font or require much work. Just something which appears right at the first glance.

Since you seem to have lots of expertise you probably can enlighten me why it's so much more work than simply writing 'Hello World'?

If I am taking completely wrong assumptions feel free to tell me where I am wrong so I can at least learn a bit and get my expectations right.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I myself don't have a lot of Arabic fonts installed, so finding just the right one would take time. If you're picky. I am.

Some help I can provide freely: in that image it actually says "lahweela" (or "lahuwayla"). If it's supposed to say "alhuwalla" (but where's the "y"?) the initial alef is missing; here are strings (the first without the alef, the second with) that you can copy-paste into software and try your luck:



Another bit of help: that genre of Arabic font is called "kufi".


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Thank you very much for infos. My source regarding the name is probably wrong and your strings look absolutely fine in my eyes. The kufi genre is a good direction to start.

Thanks for your help. :-)

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