Serif lettering Artistically Designed

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FIESTA font. Any thoughts on this? Any comparable fonts? Thank you.


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Trocadero by Typographer Mediengestaltung

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Good find Dick.
We should mention, however, that the maker of this font, Deiter Steffmann was very generous in creating and distributing free improved versions of fonts that had been digitized by others. I am traveling right now so I don't have my research on the creator of the original digital font.
The pre-digital design is an ornate Tuscan typeface from around 1850. The metal type is still available, as Skyline 2010 Trocadero from Schuyler Shipley's Skyline Type Foundry
A good quality character set was reproduced in Hunt Bros. 101 Faces as Plate 65.
A very similar version has been digitized by Michael Hagemann as Saddlery It has two versions. One has rounded tops and bottoms like Trocadero. The other is the same but adds posts on top and bottom. Going from memory, I seem to recall that this was Minaret by Herman Ihlenburg 1868. The posts on top and bottom resemble minarets. Luc Devroye's page on Hermann Ihlenburg

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Thank you! Very impressive.

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