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So, I have this shirt, and its idea is to have the name of classical musicians on famous rock band fonts.

I'm a big rock fan, and I can easily recognize Iron Maiden's (Mozart), AC/DC's (Bach) and Kiss's (Stravinsky) fonts, but... I really can't recognize the one they used for Beethoven.

I thought it was just me and my lack of knowledge on band fonts, but then I published the font on facebook and none of my friends (or their friends, or their friend's friends) could recognize it. And now, it became no longer just about finding out the band, but almost a matter of honor (that, and I'm not really comfortable wearing a shirt with a font advertising a band I don't recognize =/).

So, I've been trying to find out the name of the font - I guess it will be easier to go from there. But if you don't know the name of the font but know the band, please, inform away!

Thanks. =)

1001 Head Font Font
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Font is called: Thomas, Meredith/1001head Font -- Found on Dafont. Not sure of the timing however.

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Oh! Thanks! =D

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