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Hello! I'm new here. I've been looking for this typeface for ages. I tried MyFont's What The Font several times with different images also I downloaded a PDF version of the magazine to get a clear and clean image and nothing happened. I thought it was Akkurat Monospace at first or Helevetica Monospace but the letter 't' has that particular curve up there and the 'r' is more wide and open. It would mean a lot if someone here could help me! Thank you so much!

Atlas Typewriter (Regular)
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You genius! Yes, it is! Thank you so much!! Can't believe I got it here in like 2 minutes. Always wondered what it was!

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You are welcome David, I'm glad I helped you.
There are indeed many font-geniuses in Typophile, but to be honest I'm not one of them (I just used some piece of software to identify your font).

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OK lol. Thank you, anyway!

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