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I'm trying to identify the font used for the "LLIVANDERS" part of this logo. The "O" is obviously a custom design, but the rest is similar to, but not quite several fonts I have looked at, including Caslon Open Face LT, Century Std Handtooled Bold, Richler Highlight, and Imprint MT Shadow. Either the cusp of the serif at the top of the "A" is missing, or the fill is too heavy, or something. If it can't be identified, I would appreciate any opinions about which would be the best "close" choice. Thanks so much!


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Academy Engraved and Caslon Openface were my first thoughts, but they are not quite right (the A, for instance), then I found Goudy Open:


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That's close, but the foot serifs on the L and E are more vertical in the sample. Maybe someone tweaked those.
- Mike Yanega

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And the heavy strokes aren't heavy enough (I found a high-res photo of the actual "product"):

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