Unable to see any OT Features in Illustrator, Photoshop, Word etc. from font made in Fontlab.

I've still not got to grips with Fontlab, and this one is totally baffling me.

I've created several fonts using Fontlab Studio 5.0.2 (yes I know it's a old version, but I can't update my OS yet at the moment). :(

I actually have someone else do the kerning and OTFeatures for me.
When they send them back to me they work fine, but like any font designer, I often tweak the font.

Every time I change anything and save it as a TTF or an OTF, then all the features don't work in Illustrator, photoshop, and none of them ever upload to Word.

What am I doing wrong?
Have I got something in FONT INFO set wrong?

I could send you the font, if you think you know the answer.

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Most likely the other person is using a newer version of FontLab Studio, yes?

I strongly suspect it has to do with changes in how FontLab handles OpenType layout code, due to changes in the underlying Adobe compiler used by FontLab. FontLab Studio 5.1+ use AFDKO 2.5, whereas 5.0.2 is using AFDKO version 1.6 or earlier.

Of course, the newer version of the app can try to do intelligent things in opening older files, but the old version can't know what changes would be made later.

See Adam Twardoch's post on the subject: http://forum.fontlab.com/index.php?topic=8278.0

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Correct. They're on 5.1.
I guess I'm doomed.
My world domination isn't getting off to a good start. :(

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