Intertype Spike Gothic? Any Info?

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I recently picked up a small booklet of "Intertype Gothics" that shows two sizes (36 pt. and 42 pt.) of a face called "Spike Gothic."

Can anyone give me more information about it? I've never seen it before and would like to know more about it. Any digital versions? A quick Google search didn't turn up anything.


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Pretty funky. It’s not in Jaspert or McGrew, which is often the case with Intertype stuff. May be a knockoff, but I haven’t seen this design.

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likewise, never seen it; never even noticed it in many passes through Intertype’s specimens. The work of some anonymous drawing office draftsman. Makes me wonder if there’s an archive of Intertype master drawings, and documents such as the Museum of Printing holds for Linotype.

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I've never seen it either. It isn't in my Intertype specimen book (blue covers, undated).

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Consider posting this in TypeID. Even though you already know the name you may find someone who can give you more on the history of the font. There are some metal guys who read that forum and they have good resources to research.

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Yeah - figured it would have been drawn by someone in the drafting office. The mystery continues...

As far as I have heard, nothing was really saved when Intertype shut down, especially something like the Linotype drawings at the MoP.

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