Could someone suggest me the font used or an alternative?

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, and I chose this forum as a last resort, to identify a font. Even though I can grasp some graphic work, I'm a programmer, not designer, so please bear with me.

In short, I have to build a site, using fonts that are present on a flyer from the company. Of course, no one could provide any information, just an image (jpg) of 72dpi. I've tried a few offline/online tools to identify it, Google-d around quite some time, but the result wasn't the desired one. So I've edited the image, and cropped the only word which has that font. Here it is:

The closest guess of mine would be those:

but obviously they are not the right ones.

Well, my question is simple. Could someone kindly decipher it, and name it, or, even better, could someone suggest me the closest alternative? I don't know yet if the client would pay for a font, but I'm almost sure not. Thanks in advance.

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Gotham Black
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First I thought it was Avenir, which is close, but not quite.

Then I thought, it couldn't be the ubiquitous Gotham, could it? It appears to be so:

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Montserrrat, a Google font, is often suggested as an alternate to Gotham, but it only comes in roman and bold, not black, weights.

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Holly Molly! :)

I should had come here earlier for help. It is indeed the Gotham Black font. Thank you very very much.

You saved me further useless hours of digging. Greatly appreciate it. Both of you. I'll mark it resolved right away.

Have a nice day/night.

Best regards,

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Happy to help, and best of luck with your project.

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More alternatives to the over-present-but-great Gotham: Proxima Nova MS (top quality, great design and very affordable, both stand alone or family), Gibson CT, Salvo Sans FB, Loew TNB, Motiva Sans, Maax, Houschka Alternate G-Type, Realist M+, Nexa FFF, Raleway

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