Display sans in need of new eyes

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A modest first attempt, that has't been imported to Glyphs yet, thus excuse the rather headache-inducing kerning of them vector shapes.

All opinions are very welcome, as I am not entirely sure on in which direction to really bring it home. Cheers!

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I like it! Looking at it, my eye tries to assign it a decade, but it keeps flopping between 1930s and 1970s. It has that Art Deco wackiness, but that /L/ feels sci-fi, and the /R/ reminds me of Star Wars and the old Chicago Reader logo.

With this type of face, I always appreciate it when the designer supplies a "straight" version, along with the more expressive forms as OpenType alternates. For instance, the two different /H/s and /E/s bring a welcome diversity.

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Very Nice - it has just enough difference to get your attention but not enough to be strange.

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Decent. Worth finishing. Needs polish. The "L" is too much.


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Hrant is correct - the L does go too much toward the strange - less slant would work.

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Thank you all, much obliged! It definitely had some art deco as a starting point, but wanting to move it in a much more bold angular/contemporary direction.

Keeping in mind that the slant-L might be a bit too much, I think it's getting reasonably coherent 'standard' letterforms, and vague ideas on distorting proportions/details on the alternates:

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