I may be missing the obvious here but,
is it possible to receive a notification to your email when someone replies to a thread you've posted.
Or is it possible to subscribe to a thread you've made a comment on, and a notification to your email ?

I've never known a forum that doesn't have that option.

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Typophile used to be like that. I think they stopped it because: they thought it was old-fashioned; it was legally dangerous in terms of libel lawsuits.

There is that RSS thing though. Or try this way:


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That's poor.
It makes it so easy to switch off, and not bother with Typophile.
I often forget that I've posted something, and in this electronic age, there is nothing worse than waiting for an answer, or a reply, rather than getting on with work, and being told exactly when "Somebody has responded".

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@djnippa, I hear you on waiting for an answer. I thought I was also missing the obvious, but never found the right options in my profile or settings to activate notifications. Notifications would be considered the easiest way to be updated on a thread. At least, and it would still be an archaic structure, having a "subscribe to this thread" option to be notified in a dashboard of sorts upon login.

Ever since the [NEW] Font ID forum started, they don't appear in "My Posts" either. The last one showing is from a year and half ago. At any rate, I hope there'll eventually be a way to receive notifications at some point.

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Yes it is unfortunate that the My Posts feature is disabled for the font ID board. At least it still works for other posts.

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