Would like some feedback on my logo design

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I am currently studying Cert V in digital graphic design, online.
As part of one of the assessments I had to design a logo for the Geelong Football Umpires' League and gather feedback on the design.
So here is my design. Any feedback would be great.

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A logo should always work in one colour, and at multiple sizes.
Your choice of fonts is very cartoon like.
The whistle doesn't indicate what game the Geelong Football Umpires' actually umpire.
I would try to incorporate some aspect of the game.
Also your whistle is very cartoonish.
Umpires are professional people who do a serious job.
You need to use cleaner less frivolous fonts, and more stylish adult artwork.
With less 'garish' colours. The cyan you've used is way too loud.

I did a quick search in Google for 'umpire logos'

These were my favourites.

and the football teams themselves seem to use an clean illustrative style, like these.

Perhaps you could develop something along a similar line so it fits in with the games overall branding style.

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Hi and thanks for your feed back. you have given me a lot to think about.
The four lines that are in the circle of the whistle are meant to represent the game of AFL which are the goal post's used in the game, however unless you live in Australia you wouldn't know otherwise.
once again thank you for your feedback and comments.

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You've obviously rushed that, as it's not very well aligned.
The typefaces should be the same weight or at least complimentary styles.
I also think for a Geelong football logo the font should have a stronger, bolder, more masculine feel.

The words Geelong follows (badly) the oval shape in a fan shape, where as the Football Association (also badly aligned with the curve of the ball) follows the vertical Arch shape.

Also the 4 lines are not equal distance from the out edge of the ball.
This is very sloppy, and really shows a lack of care. In future look at every aspect of what you design.
As a tip to see if it's balanced, you should also check it out in a mirror.

I'd say you've still got a long way to go yet, but you can do it.

What about a stylised whistle in outline, have you tried anything like that yet.

Or do the umpires have any special clothing, or hand signals, or extra gear?

Here's one you can have from me. It's got the whistle shape, the Gee, and the 4 football stripes. :)

or you could even do it in an oval shape.

or 3D

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