tall slim sans serif font from jewellery site

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Could anyone help me out with this, i've looking for the font from the logo at the top of this ring and jewellery website ( i've attached the image)

It's a tall slim sans serif font but I can't seem to find a perfect match to it.

Also does anyone know what font is used for the 'buy now' and 'add to wishlist' buttons on their product pages? Example below


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Futura Book by Bitstream

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Maybe Congress Black LT from Linotype for Buy Now

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Agree with bojev, Futura Book, and available from several foundries:


Buy Now could be Emigre Vista Slab, but the image is so small it's hard to be sure:


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I think it is Congress Black for Wishlist too - look at slanted lower serif on L. Vista has a straight serif on lower arm.

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