Anybody knows this font

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Bernase - Image Club Graphics

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At first I was sure it was Denver Serial Xbold, but someone has rotated the e:

Then I found this free font, which is obviously based on Denver Serial:

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And both of the fonts I mentioned seemed to have been based in ITC Bernase. Thanks, bojev.

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Confirming Bob's ID of Tom Carnase's Bernase Roman. It used to be available through Image Club Graphics collection.
The only legitimate revival/digitization I'm aware of are Hawthorn LT, Denver TS.
I can also only relay suspicion about 'Berns' which is, to me, an illegal copy of Bernase Roman ITC.

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My notes also show Berns as a pirate clone of ICG's Bernaise which is a digitization of Tom Carnase's Bernase Roman.

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