mixed fonts: sans and serif with swashes

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It seems like the A's mixed in the sans serif "KARAMAZOV" are from the same font as the serif "THE"?
Any idea of the two fonts here?


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One stab:
1. If /THE is

then the font is Mueller, Richard W/Titania Regular and the /A is not as in KARAMAZOV...

2. I can't find your /A regardless...

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I'm with DPape on "The" = Titania Regular.

The deco style text in the title is Radiant Condensed Bold:

Still searching for the "A".

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More than you ever wanted to know on the font used in _The_

I have not confirmed which of the various names for digital versions of this old font is match the name under which the original font was released.

There are interesting details in the font info for each of the fonts. I summarize them after each font name. First the copyright holder. Then the version info. finally other comments.

Thomas E. Harvey 1993 [seems identical to Athenian Normal but has strange date: "Version 1.00 April 23, 1927, initial release]"

Athenian Normal.ttf
Thomas E. Harvey 1993 ["1.0 Fri Apr 23 15:17:44 1993"]

EFN Mellotron.ttf
EuroFONT 94-2000. ["Version 2.0; 2000] 318 regular glyphs. Codepages Eastern Europe, Turkish, Baltic, vietnamese. Includes "gk" logo. I wonder who "gk" is?

EFN Melody.ttf
EuroFONT 2002 [2.4] 375 glyphs. Same codepages as Mellotron but "gk" logo gone.

Bright Ideas, no date [Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 6/25/99]

Typographer Mediengestaltung, i.e. Dieter Steffmann 2001 ["1.2"] Glyphs seem to match Karissa's--except for ps->tt conversion variation. Minor difference in number of glyphs 245 v. 248.

Typographer Mediengestaltung, i.e. Dieter Steffmann 2001 ["1.3; 2001"]

Titania MF.ttf
Rick Mueller 1993 ["Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.3 9/15/05"]

Internal font dates suggests Thomas E. Harvey & Rick Mueller were the first to [independently?] digitize the font in 1993.

The name Titania is used for a font shown on page 44 of the Solo Catalog that looks like these fonts. According to the "Solocat" A "Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack." Info for the solo Titania font: Dan X. Solo. 1998 [Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.5 9/4/98]. The glyph data in Steffman's 2001 Titania match the Solo Titania.

Might as well call it Titania.


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Thanks DPape, kthomps5, and Don!
Such useful information. I still wonder where that A came from...
but great to know Titania, and Radiant Condensed does seem a very close fit.

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