I need to identify this font sans sherif - Art deco, can you help me ?

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Can't find a perfect match that could fit at the same time both /S with horizontal terminals and /R disproportional bowl... As alternative, I suggest URW++ Signal, used for French highways and road signs. I like also Saa.

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Arboria Bold comes close, but the S is off:

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Another possibility, found looking for a different ID:

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Apparantly one of the f’s has been shot …

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The main thing that is distinctive is the _R_, which is found in a few fonts like Arboria Bold -- already suggested by Kevin -- GT Walsheim -- already suggested by Riccardo -- and Neutra Display http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Neutra+Display&q=Go The other letters are pretty common, including _S_ which is similar to Helvetica, Chalet, Newhouse, Nimbus, Pragmatica, Arial etc.
perhaps the closest out of the box is GT Walsheim which hs both a similar _R_ and a somewhat similar _S_.

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Thank you !

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