What is the font in my logo??

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I work for an automotive group and we just bought a new dealership, so there are 8 total. I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what fonts we have in our logos so I can make them all the same. They were designed by one of our vendors, who says that due to the formatting, they can't figure out what font the designer used (who is no longer employed with their company). Can anyone help me out? I need to know the names of the fonts for the dealership names, not the part that says Chevrolet. I would really appreciate any wisdom anyone has to offer. Thank you!

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Carolyn, please post your question in the Font ID forum:

> they can't figure out what font the designer used

They don't sound very professional. Most professional designers keep file copies of every job. There's no need to "figure out" what font was used, they open the file and the software tells them exactly what font was used.

> so I can make them all the same

If you're making them all the same, is it necessary to match what was done previously? Might be a good opportunity to update your logos.

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