Typeface of a bank and a firm malt

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I need typerface of: Malta, CERVUNION, Bancoquia, BANCO COMERCIAL ANTIOQUEÑO
Many Thanks!

Optima Black
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"Malta" looks like a further emboldened Optima (Black) (with modified/flattened ends?)

I can't find anything close to "CERVUNION".

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"BANCO COMERCIAL ANTIOQUENO" logo can be found in AI vector format here:

The font used must be an artificially slanted Gill Sans (Light)
(the actual Gill Sans Light Italic is way different from your sample)

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"Bancoquia" looks like Verdana (Bold Italic) further emboldened and a bit manually compressed.

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I had seen the link, but if you look closely the letter 'a' of the word 'Bancoquia' is not the same. I just got an image of more resolution, look.
Here also you can see well 'BANCO COMERCIAL ANTIOQUEÑO'. sorry for my bad English.

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Bancoquia appears to be Eras Bold, and Banco Comercial Antioqueno appears to be Eras Book Italic:


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