DIN like Monotype Sans serif

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Does anybody kwow this clean monotype sans serif.
Thanks in advance !


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I do not think it is Cuitadella - in the sample the t has an uneven crossbar - At first I thought it was AvantGarde Condensed that had been messed with - but now I am still looking.

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Cuitadella seems to be right. In the letterhead the T has an even crossbar ...

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Yes, it looks like a cross between the default |t| and the alternate one: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/emtype/ciutadella/medium/glyphs/547181/404

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Yesss !! Thank you all.

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Confirming Kevin's excellent call of Ciutadella. Top one has probably been customized (/t) because on second sample, it looks like they used the default /t.

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